The Hunstman MC-True Colors

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The Hunstman MC-True Colors

Post by MisterMudd_VP on Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:09 pm

What follows is a conversation between our prez and a high ranking member of The Huntsmen MC, after what was supposed to be an honorable, fair fight set up in a private lobby between Markus and myself vs. Chrome and Joey/Lionheart, their president. Upon headed up to Paleto Bay to duke it out, we were informed that the helicopter they were in was for quick transportation to the agreed upon battle ground. As the chopper approached, i was promptly destroyed by a missile. Be advised this MC is a joke, ran by dishonorable, and cowardly children. Needless to say, The Huntsman MC is enemy number one, and not to be trusted. All members of The Huntsmen MC, and any club or crew that supports or condones such cowardice and dishonor are green lit to kill on sight.


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